We’ve been hacked!

Some unscrupulous scumbag has hacked into our Facebook page (despite using the 2 factor authentication) and first they removed Alex’s personal account, changed all the recovery details and have hidden everything. Then they removed him from the Todays Menu Facebook Page, or so we had thought. At 3am the hacker (or one that the log in information was sold to) has now locked both Alex & Patrizia out and changed various aspects one the page including the site URL.

Please DO NOT USE the Todays Menu FB Page, we are unable to get any messages etc from FB so please if you need to contact us email us at alex@todaysmenu.co.uk

This is obviously of significant concern to us all!

The Police, NFIB & GCHQ are aware and working to solve this.

What a bunch of assholes, this is the last thing we needed!!

Thanks for all your support, our old fashioned telephone still works 01460 54054


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