Patrizia & Alex

So, about us, well we met down in Falmouth, we’re both chefs who connected over a mutual love of all things culinary. We spoke for ages about food, drink, restaurants, hospitality and eventually how we’d love to have a restaurant together. We worked our asses off down in Cornwall to save as much as possible so that we could realise this dream, eventually living and working together 24/7.

Then as circumstances conspired and time decided that it was right, the perfect place popped up in Ilminster and we grasped the opportunity. It took us over three months to deep clean the place after it’d been empty and neglected for about 9 months, but undaunted we pressed on as we could see our dream coming true.

Eventually (after missing the first Christmas period due to legal wrangling) we opened, We had no idea what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised as a slow trickle of folk popped their head in and started booking tables.

5 Months later we were inspected by The Waitrose Good Food Guide, that was nerve jangling to say the least, its our favourite restaurant guide so you can imagine! Eventually the guide was published and we were delighted to see that not only were we featured (page 361/2) but we also had a scored entry (cooking score 2), fantastic!!

Our listing all the while on Tripadvisor has steadily been climbing and the feedback has been so nice, thank you to all those that have posted on there.

This is our life; we live, eat, sleep, drink and breathe this place. We’ve put absolutely everything into it and will continue to do so. This is our home and our life, and we’re happy to welcome you into it! (well for lunch or dinner anyway)

We hope that you find the atmosphere in our little restaurant to be informal, unhurried, relaxed and fun. We’re not about carrying your hat and coat or wafting you to your table on a crushed velvet cushion, expect to be treated as a friend and made to feel welcome, oh and you’ll be fed and watered as best as we know how!

psst, I’ve (Alex) no link to Bonci other than I love his work, his pizza and ethos, its just a t-shirt, almost just a t-shirt.