A slight change to opening hours Aug 7th to Aug 17th

Hi folks,

We will only be open for dinner for the next two weeks as Patrizia is off to Rome for a much overdue family visit/food finding mission!

Our opening hours will be as follows:

Wednesday 7th: 18:00-Finish
Thursday 8th: 18:00-Finish
Friday 9th: CLOSED
Saturday 10th: 18:00-Finish

Wednesday 14th: 18:00-Finish
Thursday 15th: CLOSED
Friday 16th: 18:00-Finish
Saturday 17th: 18:00- Finish

If you would like to come for dinner please visit our website where you can book your table: www.todaysmenu.co.uk

We look forwards to providing you with delicious dinners over this period and thank you for your continued support and understanding.

All the best

Patrizia & Alex

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